CANA Utilities places the highest importance on safety at all times during the execution and performance of all work activities.

Our Commitment to Safety

CANA Utilities is committed to providing a safe work environment and has created a program that meets or exceeds applicable safety legislation and regulations. For us, safety is engrained in our culture and involved in all aspects of planning, design, supply, construction, operation and administrative work.

The underlying goal of our utility safety program is to achieve the target of zero preventable incidents. In order to achieve this, we promote individual accountability, ownership and responsibility for safety. Each supervisor, foreman and work leader has a responsibility to create a safe work environment and ensure safe work practices are implemented. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that everyone – employees and subcontractors – go home at the end of the day in the same condition they arrived.

CANA Utilities has been a member of the Certificate of Recognition (COR) program through the Alberta Construction Safety Association for nearly a decade. Our program is regularly reviewed under external audit, with a 2014 audit score of 92%. The success of our program is demonstrated by our positive, pro-active safety culture and our strong safety record.

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Promoting Awareness That Results In Safer Work Environments

Proven Systems: CANA Utilities utilizes a comprehensive EH&S Yellow Box System, which incorporates all required safety documentation such as OH&S Regulations, Act, and Code, The AEUC, Hazard Assessment Tools, and the EH&S Manual. The EH&S Manual includes policies, Operational Guidelines, Safety Rules, detailed information regarding emergency response preparedness, personal protective equipment, hazard assessment and control, workplace inspections, preventative maintenance, safe job planning, work procedures, journey management and incident management.

Team Approach To Safety: CANA’s dedicated safety personnel are actively involved in all operations undertaken by our workforce. The EH&S team works with the project management and construction teams from pre-job planning, through execution to completion. The EH&S personnel provide support developing emergency response plans, safe work plans, subcontractor orientations and assisting with hazard assessments during all stages of construction.

Performance Monitoring: CANA’s safety team tracks the safety performance of all our projects. Incident reports, inspection results, and observational data are all compiled and analyzed to identify any areas for concern and/or improvement. At CANA, we continually encourage and acknowledge positive safety behaviours and outcomes.

Continuous Improvement: When an incident occurs, CANA has an electronic organization-wide notification system, which advises concerned parties of any incidents in an attempt to minimize the risk of re-occurrence.  Proactive reports such as Near Miss, Hazard Identification and No-damage incidents findings are also distributed to all work leaders.